Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's wrong?

Tom has been laying eggs for a week now, but her sister Moe hasn't started yet. Maybe she is waiting for Easter. I hope she starts laying soon.

I took Moe out for some exercise the other day. Let her wander around the backyard. Then I tried to catch her and she took off. She flew up into one of the small trees and landed on a branch. Then I was able to get a hold of her.

I can't believe how much water chickens drink. I have to fill their water can two times and day.


  1. You can look at filling the water can twice a day in several different ways:

    Get a bigger water can, so you don't have to fill it as often.

    But personally, if I were Tom or Moe, I wouldn't like that ... here's why:

    1 - Filling the water can twice means I'd have fresh water more often, and
    2 - Filling the water can twice means I'd get to see YOU more often!

    Now, what chick(en) wouldn't like more attention from Joe?

  2. That is great that your chickens are laying now. Those country eggs are so much better and healther than store bought eggs. My son and his wife are into chicken growing and egg hatching right now with the French Black Maran chicken who lay black eggs. Plus they have some of those chickens where the Rooster is on the front of Kellogs corn flake box.(not their rooster) Those eggs are red with black speckles all over them. Now they have got some of those chickens who lay those colored eggs.
    Enjoy your country life in your new home and location. Helen

  3. If you think chickens drink a lot of water you should see how much water my emus drink! Warmer weather keeps me hopping to keep all the waterers for the animals filled.